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Canna Survey

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Cannabis Survey ______/______/2022 Town/Village______________________________________-

disPENsary bus- use the back of the page, ask for more if you need the space, your thoughts are appreciated and respected, all questions optional, will only be used for statistical analysis you can leave your name

1. Would you prefer to have a way to contact your local town/village hall to have more input in decisions they make, like the cannabis opt out?

2. What are your feelings about the legalization in general? Good, bad, undecided?Details?

3. In your local town and/or village how many cannabis related retail stores would you feel comfortable with? What number makes you a little uncomfortable?

4. In terms of cannabis use(smoking, vaping, more so than edibles since you don’t see/smell them as much), what areas would you say you feel comfortable allowing this? Sidewalks, parks, places where families would be?

5. If you or someone you know has opted to try cannabis rather that opiods or sleep medicine, share your thought process(no names of others), or if you or someone you know closely is already using/abusing opiods, do you see cannabis as a way to get away from opiods, or you think its main function is to deter potential opiod users and not very effective when the individual is using them already, or simply you don’t see cannabis playing a role in fighting opiods?

6. What is your desire level to get your town/village to opt back in for the last few months of this year to preview what the town may look like when 2023 comes and the state controls it?

(circle answer, space to explain if you want to below.)(Strongly desire) (would be nice) (indifferent) (would rather them not) (Please don’t opt back in)