About Us


NAME- Robert Coyle

POSITION- Mainly wholesale, middle man, always had a solid job or in school so it was just extra money, I could make a lot of money one month and not sell a thing for a month, made out well with connections/profits when I started traveling out west and finding people on my own, some good stories if you ever want to hear them. Also came across some great connections/luck here too, I always said I am no salesman, I rely on good deals/connections and patient buyers.

YEARS PRO- About twenty now, on and off, started smoking in tenth grade, never got allowance and was good at math and determined rather quickly if I just buy an ounce, I can sell half and smoke free. In the long run (read carefully, kids, although you shouldn't be reading this stuff at all!) would have been better off focusing on school and careers, I'm not crazy about weed but I do enjoy it, but would gladly give it up if I had to to advance myself, and the selling part just kept me from enjoying youth to the fullest(although it was DAMN fun.....), too much focus on work and money in short term, too many parties, not enough balance in life.

COLLEGE- St. John's University, Jamaica, Queens, Bachelor Degree in Biological Science,

also attended SUNY Orange, and UMASS Lowell.

OTHER "LEAGUES"- I've come across some mushrooms, adderall (not sale for profit, just other students I was studying with requests), but not really anything, was never into the opiates although I did try them, I worked at a place everyone used them and abused them and a lot of them are dead now. Went through my little clubbing stage hanging out with my friend MOLLY, and I've tried cocaine and acid (personal, not sales). I hope this site don't get me in trouble, Mom, don't read this!

BORN- Suffern, NY

RAISED- Orange county, NY, bounced around as kid, Monroe, Washingtonville, Goshen, did some catholic school stint.

INTERESTS- Basketball, dancing, food, going places to eat and dance with pretty women, learning and picking peoples brain to gain info or just study how people are, because I seem to think/act differently that most everyone, so I like to know what goes through people's mind at different times, and I like to make jokes and have fun, and it also throws people off so they think you're not serious.

ARRESTS/CONVICTIONS- As far as cannabis, nothing, never even a UPM, got myself into trouble drinking, but luckily escaped unscathed (def more funny stories there, also dangerous though), I don't get many tickets, but when I do, I miss court, and get suspended license, so I do have several of those, but no misdemeanor/felony. This shouldn't be held against me for license, I definitely had close calls, and I got arrested for no license and the 2 pounds weren't in car the next day so maybe that counts?

DISADVANTAGES(NYS LOOKS FOR THIS ON APPLICATIONS)- Raised by single parent(must note she was better than any two parents or ten for that matter), not much money, but we always ate, constantly being hassled by police from age 16 to 24, accused by police verbally of being a drug dealer, sometimes they would just give us a hard time with no reason behind it (I'm not the best with dealing with authority figures either, and since growing up the police have been really good to me, especially recently). I must note I did lose someone to drugs who means so much to me....well, I cant describe that, just that he and my two sisters and mom are the most important things to me and also the greatest people in the world, and they happen to be in my family(this isn't sounding very disadvantaged, but I don't have much to work with, I hit lottery everyday it feels like). And yes, that is part of why I get so wound up when DISPENSARY BUS is told to leave/shut down and there are bad drugs on the streets, and the companies that made them, people who prescribed them, agencies governing them, don't seem to care or simply can't do that job, the real job of public safety, and just clip the low hanging fruit( guy in a bus with weed).

ADVANTAGES(I DON'T FEEL COMFORTABLE LISTING DISADVANTAGES, I DON'T FEEL DISADVANTAGED, IT'S ONLY FOR THE PURPOSE OF TRYING TO FINAGLE MY WAY INTO GETTING A LICENSE OR THREE FROM STATE, SO I'M GONNA LIST ADVANTAGES AS WELL)- I consider myself smart, well-rounded, raised very well, athletic, tall, good looking, confident, greatest family, the ability to think independently, and the ability to basically do whatever I want/feel is right instead of keeping my mouth shut or putting up with something (mixed results on the doing what I want thing, of course). I could go on but let's move on before I compare myself to Denzel or something.

WEAKNESSES- Communicating via phone, message, being reliable in everyday situations (I usually come through in the clutch though, but still), being flaky, having too much time on my hands and getting myself in trouble. DISPENSARY BUS visitors might have already noticed this.

MOVIE PICK- Vertigo, Memento, anything with Leo, Denzel, Bale, Paid in Full, Training Day, good mystery movies, Heat, Shottas, Liar Liar, Mrs. Doubtfire

FAV TEAM- Lakers of course, Giants for football,